How to build a business LinkedIn profile

Think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of the business world – it often acts as the ‘default’ site of a business even if they have an actual business website. Well, these days, the Facebook business page is probably visited more than the company’s LinkedIn profile, so that might not be the best comparison.

Still, having a functional and on-point LinkedIn profile is very important if you’re wanting to establish a presence. Filling out the form is easy – going from there might not be.

Starting out on LinkedIn

As you might have expected, filling out various information related to your business is how you’ll start building a LinkedIn profile. Have a nice and friendly description that explains why you do your thing well and why you enjoy doing it. If you’re an older business, make sure to list how long you’ve been providing your services – if not, don’t be afraid to omit it.

If you’re linking your business website on the LinkedIn profile page (which you should be), make sure that the site works great and looks like something worthy of a professional. Not linking to your business website will make you seem less established or even a bit shady, so you’ll definitely want that site up and running soon.

Don’t neglect images or even videos of you, your employees (with their permission) and your workplace. These will engage everyone who views the profile and will provide insight into how you do things. Having a couple of pics on which employees look like they’re having fun will do a lot for your business, as will pictures of modern and well-equipped business headquarters.

Lastly, don’t forget to list several easy and working ways for people to contact you – email address, multiple numbers (preferably a main line you have access to 24/7) and so on.

Once you’re finished with the basics, it’s time to let others on LinkedIn know about you.

Spreading out through networking

There’s a good chance your employees have their own LinkedIn profile up and running. If so, ask them to list you as their employer on their profile page – if you’ve treated them well and run a respectable business, they should have no problem doing this and might even add an extra snippet about how nice it is to work for you. If they don’t have a LinkedIn page, try and get them to create one by explaining the benefits it could have on their professional life – make sure to let them know how much it would mean to you, as well.

Past that, try and connect with some of the people in the same industry and get some shoutouts – the site is fairly easy to navigate, so you should have no problem finding relevant individuals.

A good way to improve your LinkedIn exposure is providing frequent updates related to your business – every time you feel an urge to post a new picture of your pet on your Facebook timeline, post a picture of your business and its workings on LinkedIn instead. These regular updates will make you appear active and enthusiastic – a look every business owner should aspire to.

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