2 great online marketing strategies

More than brave soldiers and lethal weaponry, strategy is what ultimately wins every battle. Considering how ruthless the business world is, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be considered a battlefield – every day, you’re fighting other businesses and search engine algorithms to get more leads.

To properly market yourself, you’ll need a strategy for it – one that’s built for the long haul as opposed to being centered around this month. Here are 2 great online marketing strategies for you to consider – tweak them based on your business and its needs.

One: Deals and discounts

Associate a day in the week with a discount or an additional service, and begin spreading word of it. We have a client who is in the rug cleaning business, (http://www.delraybeachorientalrugcleaning.com), we’ll use that as an example. So, let’s say you’re a rug cleaning business – you can create something called ‘(your business name) Friday Madness’. Every Friday, you give out a different benefit – one Friday you could clean rugs larger than so-and-so at 27% off: on the next, you could be adding a minor free service to each complete cleaning job.

Make sure that whatever you’re offering is appealing without costing you too much and you’ll have no problem capturing people’s attention. With a few good contacts and the right deals, those in your area won’t think twice about sharing your page every Thursday or Friday to alert their friends, family and acquaintances to your deals.

This is a great strategy because the traffic you get will consist of interested customers who weren’t forced or tricked into going your way – not to mention, you won’t have to do too much work to market yourself.

Two: Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Partner up with a relevant business and see about joining your marketing efforts. This is another good way to get massive exposure when done right, but also depends on your particular niche – some will be able to make great use of it while others will only get limited benefits.

As a hypothetical example (but one that you can still pick up useful information from), imagine you run an auto repair shop in your area. You could do a lot if you partner up with a used car dealer who’s also looking to establish an online presence – the two of you could exchange insights and places on the web to get customers from.

Every post either of you makes could mention both businesses, which is a terrific way to reduce the advertisement-y appearance of the text – two companies with different names and different owners being mentioned won’t look like a concentrated effort to bring traffic to either. It’s a great way to legitimize your online presence further while also expanding your clientele. You can employ this strategy with a single business or even several others to create a ‘mini-network’ where each company helps the rest.

Another great perk of this strategy is that the online contacts of each business will be shared – you’ll meet new people and get customers who might not have otherwise heard of you. Certainly, finding the right business to do this with is the hardest part and the type of work you do is key, but count on reaping great rewards if you manage to employ this strategy well.

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